In concert: Don Moen and Lenny Leblanc

Hey FAM…its been a while. While I’ve been away from blogging, superb things have been happening. After more than 10years of longing to visit Kenya, worship leaders; Don Moen & Lenny Leblanc graced Kenya with their presence. Our very own Aflewo team was hosting the event at Nairobi Baptist Church along Ngong Road.

I had the privilege of shooting voluntarily on the last day of their concert.
I used a Canon Rebel T2i with 100mm, and an adapted Nikon 50mm πŸ™‚ Here’s what I grasped:

We start off with this gentleman, Timothy Kaberia. He has a Worship vision for Africa. That’s worth your googling and getting to know what AFLEWO is all about! (but after yo done here) lol moving on…




Pastor Ambrose did an opening exhortation and welcomed the Nairobi Governor, Evans Kidero; who let in the guests πŸ™‚ Church and State collabo huh!





Game on…from the moment they stepped onto stage, it was game on!!!














Don and Lenny actually make a great team. The two gentlemen are gifted in their own way as God sees fit.






The Vertical Relationship between God and man. You cant explain that in a picture, you just gotta experience it. Grace to you.



























I gotta say, “the lighting WAS SPLENDID!” …especially when it acts as a rim on body edges πŸ™‚ The AFLEWO choir was on point |||like a strong point|||













📱📷📹 from the number of smart gadgets been flashed out: IT was awesome!! 🎭🎭












The rest is Don’s hearty sign off 😦








You may get the music from
and the video at Don Moen Kenya Concert May 2015 (courtesy of homeboyz online)

and so that was it πŸ™‚ Have a splendid remainder of the week, keep calm coz Jesus is LORD.

Grace to you.


Know the Cross, Know Peace.

You might wonder “Why the cross?”
“What’s the fuss mayne? It’s just an antique story told over and over… ”

Well…Colossians 1:19-20

“For in him all the fullness of God
was pleased to dwell, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross.”

†he cross means peace from God †o men who have crossed His ways.
Wi†hout †he Cross, †here is no crossing †o God by man.


Grace †o us all.

In Jesus, With Jesus.

There is hope. Yes there is Hope in the Cross of Christ. There is Hope, welcoming Hope, outstanding Hope for the sinner who is smelted in dark sin. There is hope for the struggling saint who keeps falling off and beating himself. There is newness in the death of pride and disobedience.
In Jesus there is Hope.

There is a saviour for those clutched in sins deceiving lusts.
There is satisfaction for those enjoying the temporary pleasure of sensuality.
There is rest for those trying too hard to gain acceptance before God after they’ve messed up. There is relief from the wrath of a Holy God.
Only in Jesus. Only with Jesus.

There is beauty in the loving heart of our Father. More than what trends as pleasurable in this fallen world. Yes the girl looks good; but my God sees best. Yes even for the affections of our hearts to have a helpmeet. There is a better promise in seeking God first and doing so steadfast. There is joy in standing before God in your youth blameless. There is a lifting with Christ, in Christ.

There is Grace for seekers of purity. Jesus offers Himself as the radiance of God’s glory. There is rest from the fading invitation of Potiphars wife flatter. In Jesus there is tantalizing relish than Babylon’s service. With Jesus there is great tenderness than wooing to Delilah’s pit. In Jesus there is lasting joy and casting away of desperation. In Jesus, With Jesus you will find all you need. And He says “COME!”

Hebrews 4:16 “Let us then approach the throne of Grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. “

Written for weary hearts, for broken walls to be rebuilt. For a reborn steadfast commitment to Jesus

Relentless Grace to You.Β 

Church Chill Clicks revealed

Hi fam, i trust you are moving in the Strength of God in is grace.
Here is another personal project πŸ™‚
I was loosening up after some work at church. I grabbed the camera and said, INSPIRE ME!! That was it, then i found myself on the floor clicking!

Church Chill Clicks-1-3

And then the front kept me going…

Church Chill Clicks-1-4

I decide to sit and see what would become of me!!
Nothing happened but posing πŸ™‚

Church Chill Clicks-2

Church Chill Clicks-1

And then a voice was heard!…she called out, “who is here?” and i answered, “me”. She chuckled when i said “down here”…yea that’s how i got down for the shoot! Meet Mama Wangari, she gives the church a spotless difference!

Church Chill Clicks-4

Later on, Mr. Josiah came in and took his seat; and got shot too…

Church Chill Clicks-5

Lemme just say i had a good day:)
Thank you for chilling with me. Share some of your Church Chill Clicks πŸ™‚

Grace to you.

Macro #1 2015: With Spydra

Wassup fam!

First time things huh…this week was special for me:)
I got of to do a shoot of SPYDRA my stunt spider. Lets see how it spread!

I enjoyed getting her eye and hair detail. God made this baby!

MACRO 1# 2015-3

She was walking away sometimes…that’s how i got her bum πŸ™‚

MACRO 1# 2015-2

And she was somersaulting…

MACRO 1# 2015-1

Hmmm that was it. I will do again!!!

Grace to you.


Hi y’all peeps πŸ™‚ I hope you are catching on great with 2015. Mine started with a rapid transition that is still revving me up. There’s excitement to tread on new nudgings as far as photography concerns me.
Model shoots, is one of those nudges. The target on this sunny afternoon was to showcase some ladies shoes and bring out Kalekye’s style of dress. You can visit her site here.

Here goes my favorite pictures from the 70 clicks i managed πŸ™‚ Let me leave the captions and all the talk on the outfit to the ladies.







That was it. I loved it and I will do it again. Let me hear from y’all creatives, fashion stylists (especially ladies) πŸ™‚ Creative advice,questions and likes are appreciated.

Have a doope Evening. Grace to you!

A year that was, the GOD OF GRACE who IS.

The biggest coincidence of simultaneous activity is happening right away:
Cliche wordings, expected resolutions and heightened emotion to cast off the past and bring in the new! Whoop πŸ™‚
In a light context, the difference between today and tomorrow will be the turning of the calendar.
And in a deeper introspection, some beings expect to be new as the year turns!! too many movies:)
Its a weird assumption to think that God works in years!
Will he change his plan for man as the fireworks burst out tonight?
As we groove totally sold out to Christ, is He surprised that we made it to another year?
Is he taken back by complaints we have about 2014 and the uncertain eagerness for 2015?
If we have any expectations, what or WHO are they pegged on?


Celebrate because God made it happen.

I may have worked hard, but God brought in the plunder.
I may have had an outstanding character, but it is God who shaped me.
You may have been a better giver, but God saved you from the slavery of self.
We may have done some good deeds, but even those are God made.
On the flip side,
We may have cursed a lot, lied about someone, did this and that that hurt.
Maybe we are the reason someone is not happy today 😦 *GO MAKE UP*
Maybe our jokes went toooo far, and made walls in our relationships.
Others spent more time on TV, road-trips, XBOX, social media, blah blah
and came in on DEC 25th to do Christmas “to have a good time with family and friends”
Others got late for dates, but never for a 630a.m business deal.

I hear you saying…totally human!!

The truth is that on all those flaws< God's grace has held people together.
I was gonna say 'things' but then remembered; THINGS SHOULD BE USED FOR BEINGS.
NOT the other way round.


Lets follow through the commitment we have made to God First. That will hold everything else.
Lets make decisions revolving around the Glory of God and the good of others.
If you have any resolution, it should be to be consistent with God in good.
The year was rosy with the thorns intact. We’ve pricked each other as we showed off.
But GOD has bled his hands still holding on to us. He has covered our shame, and brightened our hope.

Its GRACE my friend, all GRACE. Lets start with God, lets continue in God. Remember…HE ALONE IS THE DIFFERENCE.

Enjoy the last Gracious day of 2014,
Happy New year 2015!

With love, Krugan.

Why I keep praying…

My heart has been heavy contemplating a friends disease and how to help Cate. Leave alone the recent attacks in our country, there’s just evil cooking and been served even to those who have no ready appetite for it. But I’ve been praying and my heart’s been encouraged by God.
This post is from that session of prayer where my heart was been lifted and refreshed. I hope you will be perceive the Lords encouragement to us in His word in your own personal way.

“Therefore let everyone who is godly pray to you while you may be found; surely when the mighty waters rise, they will not reach him.” Psalm 32:6

1. God is Relational

I believe in a God that is sovereign. He does what he wants and is right. He is loving in all he does. I have seen him pursue, withhold, rebuke, restore, encourage and many more. I have experienced Him in a way I know He is real. He is personal, He is reachable and He is relational.

2. God Answers with Hope

Whatever your timing is since u met the Lord,Β  I bet you can agree that He’s determined to make Himself known to you. We have short comings and if it depended on how stern, consistent, persevering our love for God is; then we’ve all scored terribly. If it was because of our prayer, our giving our goodness and anything we’ve fashioned in our human crucible, then we’ve also scored poorly.

But because of His great Love, His never letting go hand, His Relentless Pursuit and enduring Grace, our story is different. To the unregenerate world, we maybe the poorest, silliest, most backward, most confused, most unpopular, most sick and most foolish beings on the face of the earth. But our God assures us that by the power of the cross, We ARE THE MOST HOPEFUL.

3. The Cross of Christ breaks me

Whenever I meditate on Christ,Β  His sacrifice assures me of a position I could never have attained apart from Him.
I don’t know what’s your story, and how you’ve been telling it. But know that it all comes down to the Cross, if you are a son of God. You are God’s treasured possession, the apple of His eye. Everything that touches you, touched God first. So cheer up, keep on trusting the Lord’s face, keep on believing His word, keep on pursuing your God led convictions.

Keep on praying.

Pray for Cate, and if you wanna help her in any way, feel welcome to do so. You can get me @+254 707 384 660
Grace to you.

Been bad too many, HE’s been God so good!

Something’s are done out of precision and careful planning.
When they happen, the spectators of the glamor
don’t know the intricate efforts that produced what they behold.
This is my experience with Grace. God Reaching And Capturing Eric.

How many times have I broken my vows to God __many.
How many sorrows of sorry have I taken to God__many
How many prayers has God answered,
even when I felt he was far away from me? Many
How mistaken I was thinking that God had left? Very
How lost did I feel in my own way,
after turning my face from God__very
How hard was it to say sorry again? ___Very

It seemed like I was wasting my energy, playing an out of tune instrument!
Yes I couldn’t pray. How many leftover things did I offer to Him? Many.
As though he were a dog, I threw stuff to him to fetch.
I forgot so many times that He owns it all.
I was very foolish withholding myself from him.
I served myself as a leftover, like a bone done in and out _
and I dared call that true worship.
He asks for a living sacrifice that is pleasing and acceptable to Him.

From a sensual private life to a going hard after God zeal,
I am becoming what He always wanted. His Consistent Disciple.
From sporadic instances of doubt and God-hating indulgences,
He is moving me to God enjoying reality.
I used to laze around the urge to pray and doing the actual thing.
From talk to just show off, and reading to just tell,
From getting it all to inflate my head.
From calling attention to my diction and theological preference,
He is moving me to enjoying knowing Him at all times.

I’ve seen how you’ve consistently pursued me.
I seem like a thief leaving behind a trail of my crimes.
But you don’t need proof to accuse me, you took it all on you.
Thank you for holding me up.
If it was not for you Lord, I’d be whining 25 meaningless spins.
GLORY to You, I have hope in this adventure you’ve called.
I am honored to have a Father who delights in His son with endless Grace!

Verse5ve #2 August Edition

August 17th was way marked before on my calendar…

“…He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit…”

thus i put my 5ve groove on!

I got to town and found roads closed even as i hustled how i was gonna get my speedlight from a friend thru JJ. Guys came in late abuh i found life at uptown foods. After the usual zubbing, peeping, “who’s here”, nice shirt, doope cam!! and all that πŸ™‚ the games began,

I had no idea what I was signed up for…truth be told, people were sitting down at a hiphop event!!

verse5ve august 2014-10-4

verse5ve august 2014-5-2

verse5ve august 2014-4-4

verse5ve august 2014-15-2

verse5ve august 2014-48

verse5ve august 2014-47

verse5ve august 2014-44

verse5ve august 2014-61

this was not gonna go on with the BIGMAN around…naah not in his watch!!

verse5ve august 2014-GGmc (4)

verse5ve august 2014-GGmc (3)

verse5ve august 2014-GGmc (2)

verse5ve august 2014-GGmc (1)

This only ushered in the days artistes.
His name is SANKALE, a.k.a SANKA

verse5ve august 2014-11-Sanka (5)

verse5ve august 2014-11-Sanka (2)

verse5ve august 2014-11-Sanka (3)

verse5ve august 2014-11-Sanka (4)

verse5ve august 2014-11-Sanka (1)

And someone was really happy and taking pics of sankale… πŸ™‚

verse5ve august 2014-16-3

verse5ve august 2014-17-3

verse5ve august 2014-8-4

#Verse5ve is not just about the music, people get to share how they’ve been, it just happens and you can see from the attentive faces

verse5ve august 2014-8-sanch (1)

verse5ve august 2014-8-sanch (3)

verse5ve august 2014-13-3

verse5ve august 2014-15-3

verse5ve august 2014-18-3

And Michelle made a comeback with a live perfomance…she still got that command on the mic! cudos sis πŸ™‚

verse5ve august 2014-michelle (6)

verse5ve august 2014-michelle (4)

verse5ve august 2014-michelle (5)

verse5ve august 2014-michelle (3)

verse5ve august 2014-michelle (2)

verse5ve august 2014-michelle (1)

Again #Verse5ve is not all about the music…it’s about cake!! oh i mean BIRTHDAYS!!! Some dudes were surprised,though they didn’t act all awwwww like the girls would have…Happy Birthday!! sanch na Mr. NYNP lol…

verse5ve august 2014-2-bdays (3)

verse5ve august 2014-2-bdays (4)

verse5ve august 2014-2-bdays (5)

verse5ve august 2014-2-bdays (2)

verse5ve august 2014-2-bdays (1)

Back to the ministers via music. We had bupe burping at the mic πŸ™‚ lol i mean he had forgotten some lyrics…BUT BUT he told us how humbling it is. I reminds him that God owns his art and everything he is. I told u it ain jus music…but right here it’s about pics so lemme hush!!

verse5ve august 2014-10-Bupe (4)

verse5ve august 2014-10-Bupe (2)

verse5ve august 2014-10-Bupe (1)

oh and the people finally stood up! Especially when this doope krew came in. It was my first time to hear see, shoot em and i felt the way i did when i first listened to socialclub. Ladies and Gents i introduce to myself and other selves… RECAPP

verse5ve august 2014-19-Reccap (3)

verse5ve august 2014-19-Reccap (1)

verse5ve august 2014-19-Reccap (7)

verse5ve august 2014-19-Reccap (4)

verse5ve august 2014-19-Reccap (5)

verse5ve august 2014-19-Reccap (2)

ohh and by this time People had stood up…like really doing more than standing to wailing and flexing and all that hiphopish swagg you pull!!

verse5ve august 2014-51

verse5ve august 2014-53

verse5ve august 2014-55

verse5ve august 2014-57

verse5ve august 2014-58

verse5ve august 2014-26-2

verse5ve august 2014-26

verse5ve august 2014-27

verse5ve august 2014-25

verse5ve august 2014-23

verse5ve august 2014-19-Reccap (6)

hmmm…lemme finish off with some fan activity and some kingdom rep sign off πŸ™‚

verse5ve august 2014-42

verse5ve august 2014-31-2

verse5ve august 2014-31

verse5ve august 2014-26-3

verse5ve august 2014-60

verse5ve august 2014-50

verse5ve august 2014-49

verse5ve august 2014-24

verse5ve august 2014-23-3

verse5ve august 2014-22-3

verse5ve august 2014-23

verse5ve august 2014-21

verse5ve august 2014-16-2

verse5ve august 2014-16

verse5ve august 2014-15

verse5ve august 2014-11-3

verse5ve august 2014-5-4

S/O TO Kingdom Republic:
verse5ve august 2014-25-Krep (4)

verse5ve august 2014-25-Krep (5)

verse5ve august 2014-25-Krep (1)

That is quite it. Always feel free to share your thoughts about my blog, like follow, repost and share. Get to do it.

GRACE TO YOU. See you on the next one πŸ™‚